Easier Mocking of EntityFramework DBSets: EntityFramework.Testing

If you have an application that uses EntityFramework, and you are writing unit tests for this application, you will probably benefit from mocking EF. For example, this will allow you to run your unit tests without actually connecting it to a database and can be very useful if you run your unit tests on a […]

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EntityFramework and PostgreSQL: Which Nuget Package to Use?

This is just a quick answer to a fairly common question for developers starting to mix EntityFramework and PostgreSQL: When using EntityFramework for PostgreSQL, the correct NuGet package to use is EntityFramework6.Npgsql. The other package, Npgsql.EntityFramework appears to be the older version and is no longer updated.   LTN Software provides professional web, desktop, and mobile software […]

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How Custom Software Can Save You Money

“How can I save my business money?” – A question frequently asked by business owners and managers. These days, a very common answer to that question is to use software. It might seem that most businesses do realize the benefits of computers and software (automating repetitive processes, shifting tedious work from humans to computers, increasing productivity, accuracy, […]

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What is Wix, and why should you use it?

[In this article, Wix refers to Windows Installer XML, and not to the website service wix.com] If you’ve written a Windows application that you plan on deploying, you should consider building an installer for it to simplify said deployment. And if you are indeed building an installer, there’s a pretty good chance you are going to use Wix. For those that […]

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