How Custom Software Can Save You Money

“How can I save my business money?” – A question frequently asked by business owners and managers. These days, a very common answer to that question is to use software. It might seem that most businesses do realize the benefits of computers and software (automating repetitive processes, shifting tedious work from humans to computers, increasing productivity, accuracy, accountability, security, to name a few).

Often these decision makers will look to off the shelf software products to solve their business problems. For example, an accounting software to track expenses and revenue. An inventory management software to maintain equipment usage information. A payroll software to keep track of employee hours and salary. A customer relationship management software to record customer and warranty data. Now these are all useful, and generally a marked improvement over old school pen and paper. However, these various solutions may introduce other sources of headaches.

Off the shelf software may introduce other sources of headaches.

When a business uses many different disparate pieces of software, this creates numerous disconnects in the business process. A salesperson sold a product? Now they have to track the sale in the accounting software. Oh, and update the inventory management software. Wait, don’t forget about updating the CRM with the customer info. As you can see, this can quickly get out of hand, especially as a business experiences growth. Moving from one software to another may seem trivial, but wasted time does add up. Using multiple applications may cause duplicate information entry, where these apps overlap, since one doesn’t know about the other.

Hired a new employee? Time to start training them on the various software your business uses. With so many different apps, that training time can spiral out of control – wait a minute, wasn’t the purpose of software to simplify the work?

A lot of times you might find that an off the shelf software doesn’t do everything you need it to – maybe it covers some or even most of the features you need but is ultimately incomplete for your purposes. Or maybe it does too much – again with the unnecessary complexity!

Wait a minute, wasn’t the purpose of software to simplify the work?

Another point to make is that off the shelf software may change with new versions and updates, leaving you with a tough choice: continue to use outdated software, or update to the new version that operates differently than what your employees were trained on and are used to.

Enter custom software.

All of the aforementioned problems would not exist with custom-tailored software, made specifically for your business’s use cases. For example, replacing all those disconnected applications would be one connected system that makes the software seamless for the user. No duplicate data, all the parts work with each other. Sold a piece of equipment? Mark the transaction, who you sold it to, the part number, all in one data entry transaction. Everything is up to date immediately. The features you asked for are there, no more and no less. A new version is out? No need to panic, this new version was made specifically for you – none of your existing processes should break.

The features you asked for are there, no more and no less.

At the end of the day, custom software will save you money, time and headaches. Thinking about getting some custom software for your business? Talk to us! LTN Software provides professional custom software development and software consulting services.

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